November 23rd, 24th and 25th

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In 2015, by sketching a design that, after modifications because it only contained Expo Home, eventually became the logo of the event, was born the idea of ​​creating an Exhibition focused on the market of Motor Homes and Recreation Vehicles or RVs & Campers as they are known in the United States and Europe, as well as of Houses in the Spanish-speaking countries.


Alexandre Rodolfo Boff, who was confident in his ability to work and perform, based mainly on several years of acting in the Leads sector for these types of vehicles, was distinguished with the support of several manufacturers, Alexandre Rodolfo Boff incorporated the challenge and, at the same time, side of Margarete Bonella (now the fair's manager), started the sales and, knocking from door to door, having in hand a folder with the floor plan of the booths, could observe that its project fully met the expectations and the expectations of the companies , since it was focused at the same time on the areas of caravanning and camping, that is, something unprecedented and pioneering in our country.


In order to make working capital before the initial expenses - with emphasis on the rental of FENAC -, he sold some of his personal assets and, to his own surprise, obtained the help of those who would be exhibitors who anticipated the payment of the parcels of the purchase of the spaces In the event.


After tireless work of persuasion, since he had in mind the constant concern of bringing together a qualified public, participating in various meetings of regional groups of owners and future motor-vehicle utilities, which earned him thousands of miles, saw his project materialized with the accomplishment of the EMHS BRAZIL 2016 in the period from 25 to 27 November. There were 49 exhibitors and 5,400 visitors, in addition to 180 motor homes, trailers and tents in the external area.



Few events get such expressive numbers right on their 1st. But the market had a much greater potential, and Alexandre Rodolfo Boff knew how to expand the size of the Exhibition, so much so that in 2017 (24th-26th) it had 81 exhibitors and 6,000 visitors, keeping the number of vehicles in the parking lot, with parallel lectures by renowned industry experts.

Even in his 3rd. however, considering the figures for the 2-year period and the figures already achieved for 2018, on a historical average, taking into account also statistical data on turnover and the profiles of exhibitors and visitors - in this case, a highly qualified public with potential to buy - EMHS BRAZIL (Expo MOTOR HOME Show) is the largest trade fair in the South American Caravan & Camping sectors, and is part of the international calendar of Events of these specific segments.


It will take place from November 23 to 25, 2018, in the city of Novo Hamburgo (RS) - strategically chosen region because it concentrates most of the manufacturers - and having as a place the FENAC that has an area of ​​30,000 m2 with air conditioning and with stations Bus Station and Train in front to their pavilions.


For this year, with the campaign slogan: "your dream is closer than you think," it is intended to demystify the traditional and historic impression that motor homes & similar are the privileges of the most fortunate, which does not correspond to reality, since there are models in the national market with affordable prices. They are produced almost artisanally and to the taste of the client, and may contain items of sophistication and comfort.


Another important point concerns the concept of family - also considered in strategic planning - because these vehicles have been used for recreation, tourism, leisure and adventure travel, uniting people and, at the same time, providing contact with nature - something so rare these days. However, there are few specialized and rare campsites with the necessary infrastructure (eg overnight).


By generating business, networking and sales opportunities, exposure has become the reference point for motor home manufacturers and suppliers of inputs for promotion, marketing and customer prospecting, so that several are scheduled to launch the news and launches for the date of the event - a fact that was evidenced in 2017.


In parallel, in an integrated way, there will be lectures and social activities, aiming at welcoming visitors - a characteristic of the various meetings of owners and future motor homes of the regionally promoted motor homes - and updating of technologies, products and services.


In an external area (FENAC parking) with capacity to receive 200 motor homes, trailers and tents will be realized the EXPOCAMPING with full infrastructure of support (light, water and toilets).


An estimated 10,000 people from Brazil and abroad are expected, in the latter case, from the expectation of SECOMs' support of the diplomatic missions in the dissemination. Emphasis should be placed on the collaboration of significant national entities representing, directly or indirectly, the automotive and transport markets in general.


The forecast for the number of exhibitors, in turn, revolves around 90 companies, since it will be allowed to participate with own stands of manufacturers and suppliers of parts, articles and accessories, a result of sampling research with visitors of the year past.


By boosting the tourism of events, moving the various sectors of the local economy (lodging, gastronomy, entertainment, commerce, etc.), has the seal of the Municipality of Novo Hamburgo and the Porto Alegre & Region Convention Bureau.



Organizer of the Expo Motor Home Show - EMHS. Participant in several meetings and exhibitions of motor home and camping in RS - Brazil and abroad. Above all a great fan of adventures.


Publicize your customers for your participation in the fair and invite them to visit your company's booth. To facilitate your work we offer below promotional materials from Expo Motor Home Show - EMHS - Brazil.



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