Take the code below and inform the Hotel.

All hotels are located in the north hotel sector, it should be a maximum of 3km away from the Park

Hotel Blue Tree Premium Jade Brasília

Reservations must be requested via email, telephone or Whatsaap, below the contacts:



+55 61- 3247 9071  ou



+55 61- 3247 9000





 Promocode - EXPOMHJADE2022






ANY HOTEL on the network HPLUS IN Brasilia

As reservas deverão ser solicitadas via e-mail, telefone ou Whatsaap, abaixo os contatos:




 Promocode - EXPOMH



1st Enter the Hplus website

2nd Select the desired hotel in the first menu of the site

3º Put the period of accommodation and number of people staying in the menu that is just below the photos of the hotel (for the code to work, the period must be between the 16th and 19th of November)

4th After that, just put the EXPOMH code in this field marked in red

5º A result like this will appear after pressing the "SEARCH" button. This rate will already have the code applied. Just complete the payment









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