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CARAVANISM is nothing more than CAMPING having a VEHICLE as a “shelter”. It can be self-propelled or a simple trailer attached to a car. Therefore, caravanning is a modality of CAMPING, where we divide between this, with vehicles called "recreation" (RV's) or NOMAD CAMPING, when the traditional TENTS are used.


The main recreational vehicles used in Brazil are TRAILERS, MOTOR-HOMES and CAMPERS, but they can also be presented or subdivided into Mini Trailers, Truck-Homes, Overlanders, Car-Camping and Carretas-Barraca.


The largest caravan markets in the world are in Europe, North America and Australia, but Brazil has immense potential for both modalities (Nomad Camping and Caravans) due to its continental dimensions, number of destinations, climates, ecosystems and cultures.


Written by: Marcos Pivari – CEO of




Caravanism is a modality that has been developed in Europe since the 1960s, especially at the beginning of the decade, with the adaptation of vans – the motorhomes: better known today as motor homes or trailers –, either in the artisanal way to the customer's taste (sophistication, comfort, etc.) or industrial on a large scale, as was the case of Volkswagen's Westfalia model (Kombi) that allowed life inside, even temporarily, with the preparation of meals and overnight stays, providing kitchen, fridge, cabinets, bed, among other facilities.


The caravanning itself can be summarized in the act of camping using a vehicle while nomadic camping uses the tent as the main equipment (shelter).


Nowadays, it is a hybrid modality of tourism, recreation, leisure and adventure that can be used with free overnight parking in a suitable location, including campsites. For its practice, it is essential to use a motor home or trailer – a house placed with industrial adaptation on the chassis of a carrier (vehicle) such as a van or similar.


Caravans have established themselves as a rapidly growing modality, whether in the evolution of the quality of carrier vehicles, among them: Fiat | Mercedes | Ford | Iveco, as well as in the design and functionality of the so-called caravan part – an expression rarely used in our country.


It is worth mentioning that motor homes are also known as recreational vehicles: RVs (recreational vehicles) or in Spanish: casa rodantes.





In 2015, through the sketch of a design that, after modifications, ended up becoming the event's logo, the idea of ​​an Exhibition was born, initially aimed only at the Motor Homes market.


Filled with enthusiasm and idealism, confident in his ability to work and achieve, based mainly on several years of experience in the Leads sector for these types of vehicles, being distinguished with the support of several manufacturers, Alexandre Rodolfo Boff took on the challenge and, Alongside Margarete Bonella, she started sales and, knocking from door to door, holding a folder with the floor plan of the stands, she was able to observe that her project fully met the wishes and expectations of the companies, since it had the focus aimed, at the same time, in the areas of caravanning and camping, that is, something unprecedented and pioneering in the country.


To make working capital in face of the initial expenses, he sold some of his personal belongings and, to his own surprise, got the help of those who would be exhibitors who anticipated the payment of the installments for the purchase of spaces at the event.


After tireless work of convincing him, as he had in mind the constant concern of gathering a qualified public, participating in several meetings of regional groups of owners and future utilities of motor homes, which earned him thousands of kilometers traveled, he saw his project come to fruition. with the holding of EMHS BRAZIL 2016 from November 25th to 27th. There were 49 exhibitors and 5,400 visitors, in addition to 180 motor homes, trailers and tents in the outdoor area.


Few events achieve such expressive numbers in their 1st. edition, but the market had a much greater potential and Alexandre Rodolfo Boff knew how to find the means to expand the size of the Exhibition, so much so that in 2017 (24 to 26/11) it had 81 exhibitors and 6,000 visitors, maintaining the number of vehicles in the parking lot, with parallel lectures by renowned experts in the sector.




For the third consecutive year, even in the face of the challenges imposed by the country's socioeconomic and political situation, emphatically emerging in 2018 with elections at almost all executive and legislative levels, the promotion of EMHS BRAZIL (Expo MOTOR HOME Show) assumes the condition of basic strategic reference of the manufacturers and suppliers of the market of Recreation Vehicles and Similar (such as trailers), in addition to Accessories (trailers, hitches, etc.).


So much so that, for this year, it comes with an additional name: International Caravaning & Camping Fair – areas linked by the profile of the target audience – taking place from 23 to 25 November (10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.), taking place at the FENAC Pavilions in the city. of Novo Hamburgo (RS) which was strategically chosen to concentrate most of the industries in the sector.


While some events close their activities due to the sharp drop in the number of exhibitors and, consequently, of visitors and subscribers for parallel & integrated activities - a result of the crisis in the country, aggravated in the motor homes market by the lack of specific lines of credit and financing for the purchase of these vehicles, that is, normative instruction from the Central Bank -, the EMHS BRAZIL is consolidated as one of the largest RVs & Campers Business Fairs in Brazil and South America, with the participation of renowned brands in the branch.


With the campaign slogan – your dream is closer than you can imagine –, it is intended to demystify the traditional and historical impression that motor homes are privileges of the most fortunate, which does not correspond to reality, since there are models on the national market. with affordable prices.


Another important point concerns the concept of family - also considered in the strategic planning of the event -, because these vehicles have been used for recreation, tourism, leisure and adventure trips, uniting people and, at the same time, providing contact with nature. – something so rare these days.


Based on the realization that EMHS BRAZIL (Expo MOTOR HOME Show) - or International Caravaning & Camping Fair -, becomes a favorable environment for networking and contacts at all levels (commercial, institutional, etc.), generating opportunities and sales and, at the same time, being an excellent occasion for effective promotion & marketing actions with a highly specialized public, therefore, interested in knowing the news in the sector, the event becomes extremely important for manufacturers, resellers and distributors, so much so that some choose the event date for their releases.


It is also worth mentioning the fact that, by reducing the expenses of the participation of the exhibitors by offering the basic assembly of the stands in the price of the space lease, it optimizes the cost-benefit ratio - something preponderant when enabling the presence of small and medium-sized companies. size, in addition to the traditional and renowned brands




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